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Year In Review: Canadian heritage exhibition of pride

It was easy to spot Alyssa Richard.

She was the one with the flowing rainbow cape billowing brightly around her as she stood before a white backboard at the Red River Heritage Fair proclaiming to all the world she is a member of the LGBT community.

Read the full story at the Winnipeg Free Press.

Safe from torture for being gay

At his all-boys high school in Uganda, J.K. realized he was gay and saw what happens to someone with his sexual orientation.

“We were beaten up.”


Read the full story at the Winnipeg Free Press.


Trinity Clifton United Church fully welcomes LGBT community

A Charlottetown church says it’s the first on P.E.I. to be designated as “affirming,” meaning the congregation is committed to full inclusion of people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Read the full story at CBC.ca.

New justice minister commits to big changes for LGBT rights

After winning the new riding of Vancouver-Granville for the federal Liberals in the October 2015 election, Jody Wilson-Raybould was appointed minister of justice and attorney general in the Trudeau cabinet.

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Let’s choose hope over fear in 2016

I’m feeling a lot of hope as I look forward to 2016. Some amazing changes have happened over the past year and their momentum is promising.


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Anti-LGBT Hate on Display at Philadelphia Mummers Day Parade

An annual New Year’s Day tradition in Philadelphia was marred by at least two anti-LGBT incidents, when a gay man was assaulted during the Mummers Day Parade in which a group also mocked trans former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner.

Read the full story at the Advocate.

Far-Right Activist Sues Virginia School District Over LGBT-Inclusive Policy

Right-wing activists have sued to overturn an LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination policy adopted by the school board in Fairfax County, Va., claiming it violates state law.


Read the full story at the Advocate.

25 Trans Pioneers Who Took Us Past the Tipping Point in 2015

Last year, Time magazine featured Laverne Cox, the statuesque Orange Is the New Black actress on its cover, identifying the increased visibility of gender-variant people to be the “transgender tipping point.”

Read the full story at the Advocate.


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