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How trans people could help free the nipple

When Courtney Demone posted topless photos of herself on Facebook and Instagram in September 2015, she wasn’t sure what the reaction would be.

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Capilano Pride Week undeterred by UBC flag burning

A rainbow flag greeted students stepping off the bus at Capilano University in North Vancouver Feb 22, 2016, to kick off the school’s second annual Pride week.


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Bringing PrEP back to Canada from the US is illegal. Sort of

You may have heard from a friend, or read somewhere on the internet, that you can import a personal supply of generic PrEP drugs from the US for a fraction of the cost.


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Canadian navy makes history with kiss between sailor and same-sex partner

The first kiss for a returning sailor after a long deployment at sea is a sweet and memorable tradition.


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Justin Trudeau will be the 1st PM to march in Toronto’s Pride parade

Pride Toronto’s executive director Mathieu Chantelois shared his excitement over Trudeau’s involvement.


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Russia Proposes Dedicated Health Facilities To Treat “Gender Identity Disorders”

The Russian Ministry of Health is proposing new regulations that would mandate the creation of dedicated exam rooms throughout the country for the treatment of people with “gender identity disorders,” “disorders of sexual preference,” and pedophilia.

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Bound by culture and religion, Indonesia is paranoid about LGBT rights, but we won’t be silenced 

The hashtag was offensive enough. #TolakLGBT has been trending in Indonesia in recent weeks, and in Bahasa Indonesia, “tolak” means reject. Then this week Muslim activists held a rally against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights with the message: “LGBT is a disease, not a human right”.


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Lesbian confirmed as next Puerto Rico chief justice 

The Puerto Rico Senate on Monday confirmed a lesbian woman to become the next chief justice of the U.S. commonwealth’s highest court.

Read the full story at The Washington Blade.

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