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Lack of resources hampering LGBTQ-inclusive education in classrooms, study finds

The vast majority of teachers in Canada want to make LGBTQ-inclusive education more accessible in the classroom, but a lack of leadership and resources is hampering the process, a new study finds.

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Church Street student residence near Toronto’s Village is axed

In a rare anti-developer decision, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has rejected a proposed 32-storey private student residence for Church Street.


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Calgary bishop Fred Henry under fire for opposing LGBTQ guidelines for schools 

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry is being widely criticized, after he penned a letter opposing the province’s new LGBTQ guidelines for schools, calling them “anti-Catholic” and “totalitarian.”


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David Bowie’s influence on queer culture

News of David Bowie’s death at age 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer has shocked the world — which somehow seems appropriate since he continuously shocked the planet throughout his six-decade career as a singer, musician, actor and artist.


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Russian Parliament To Take Up First Anti-LGBT Legislation Since “Gay Propaganda” Law

Russia’s parliament is poised to take up a bill next week that LGBT advocates say is the most significant anti-LGBT legislation it has considered since passage of the so-called gay propaganda law, which was adopted in 2013.

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FIFA Fines 5 Countries for Anti-Gay Chants in Games

FIFA fined Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay on Wednesday for anti-gay chants by their national team’s fans.


Read the full story at ABC News.

Teen Star of Girl Meets World Comes Out on Twitter 

The teen star of Girl Meets World came out on Twitter.

Read the full story at Advocate.

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