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Gay University of Winnipeg Student Told to Die

Hazim Ismail just wants the messages to stop.

The gay international student studying at the University of Winnipeg has been inundated with hundreds of messages decrying him for being gay, with death threats topping the list.


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Conservative group urges party to support same-sex marriage

A group of LGBT Conservative supporters is urging the federal party to reverse its official stance against same-sex marriage.

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Why is a trans woman leading a men’s rights group?

On her YouTube channel, she draws well-meaning but often misguided praise from her MRA fans (“You are so beautiful and intelligent I start doubting my heterosexuality,” “You’re even prettier than a real woman,” “You have the best hair”), and a respectable 3,000 subscribers.

Meyer identifies as a men’s rights activist and an “afeminist,” and says she thinks feminism has an unfair ideological chokehold on LGBT communities.

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AIDS Committee of Toronto refocuses on gay men’s health

The AIDS Committee of Toronto is pledging to place greater emphasis on gay men’s health issues in the next five years.

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Exclusive: Read the Olympics’ new transgender guidelines that will not mandate surgery 

Outsports has obtained a copy of the transgender guidelines the International Olympic Committee is expected to adopt before the Summer Olympics later this year. The guidelines stem from an unpublicized “Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism” the IOC held last November. The guidelines have not yet been distributed by the IOC, but Outsports received the new policy via a trusted source.


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Couple to begin court fight against ban on heterosexual civil partnerships

The legal ban on heterosexual couples entering into civil partnerships is to be challenged in the high court.

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, who describe themselves as feminists and reject marriage as a “patriarchal” institution, will pursue their claim against the government’s equalities office on Tuesday.


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Meet the First Trans Legislator Elected to the Venezuelan National Assembly

Tamara Adrián, a 61-year-old transgender lawyer and university professor, officially took her oath of office at the National Assembly of Venezuela on January 14.


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