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Lynne Robidoux Burndorfer and Linda Burndorfer

October, 2015

Walking into Lynne Robidoux Burndorfer and Linda Burndorfer’s home, it’s hard not to be jealous. With high ceilings, gorgeous deco and a huge backyard, it’s a dream home created by a couple with a dream relationship. “I make every room my room, honey,” says Lynne. Then she laughs. You want to believe her, but it’s […]

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At Home with…

In Dylan Bekkering and Colin Roy's living room

May, 2015

Artistically inclined Dylan Bekkering (graphic designer) and Colin Roy (grip in the film industry) let their personalities shine through the eclectic trimmings of their great room. The house is more than 100 years old, but you’d never know. Calm, pale yellow walls welcome relaxation while a radiant orange street-facing wall hints of late nights clinking […]

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At Home With…

Ryan Miller and Adam Wickstrom's Dream Home

August, 2015

Ryan Miller and Adam Wickstrom moved into their beautiful, open-concept home just over a year ago after building it with Hearth Homes. The couple works for the residential design-build firm, which is owned by Wickstrom’s family, so they put a lot of their own time into building their dream home. They got to make many of […]

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