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be authentic with PRIDE

May, 2016

It’s time to celebrate everything that’s fabulous about Manitoba’s queer community, and this year’s Pride Winnipeg Festival is letting out the seams a little to make sure the ever-growing party has the room it needs to properly get down. This year the festival, which runs May 27 to June 5, is extending hours to 8 […]

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In the beginning

a look back at OUTWORDS

May, 2016

Just like the city around it, OutWords has come a long way and seen profound changes since hitting newsstands in Winnipeg more than 20 years ago. When the inaugural edition of what was then called Swerve came out in Octo- ber 1994, much of the city’s GLBT community remained closeted. Although things were better than […]

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Inspired Explorations Learning

26 August, 2015

Beer and Steak dinner at the Pal to raise money for this GLBT-friendly private school.

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Teddy Bears 3 On Screen

Outwords’ Fringe Picks

Our Guide to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival

May, 2015

Here are a few of the Fringe shows we at Outwords are most excited about. Did we miss one you’re dying to see? Tweet @outwords; we’ll check it out and you’ll be entered to win free tickets to Snack Music. 3…2…1… Clint and Kyle, two young men from Wetaskiwin, Alta., skip their best friend Danny’s […]

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213-27-home-grown-reel-pride On Screen

Home-Grown Reel Pride

October, 2014

Winnipeg’s Reel Pride is back this year with new community alliances and events alongside finely- crafted tales of love, human rights and GLBT* lives. Reel Pride is kicking off with a pre- festival teaser at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights on Oct. 7. Audiences will be treated to films like Forbidden Love, a gem […]

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Gay & Growing Old

An intern's experience at Our Own Health Centre

May, 2016

Working at a clinic for men who have sex with men is not a traditional career path for pharmacists. “I was a bartender in New York during the 1980s,” the patient says to me after a cough. “Liza Minnelli would call, and she’d say, ‘Hi. This is Liza,’ and I’d answer, ‘Liza who?’” Only a clever […]

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Unnecessary Farce preformed at RMTC On Stage

Unnecessary, but welcomed, farce

A review by Eric Plamondon

March, 2016

I have a bias. I enjoy theatre. I feel I should tell you this, as my review of the MTC’s recent main stage offering, Unnecessary Farce, is well seated in the fact that I enjoy a night out at the theatre. I believe the strength of the play lies in the assumption that there are […]

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216-26-advice-on-keeping-things-steamy Columns

Advice on keeping things steamy

Q: What are some ways to keep sex exciting after having kids?

August, 2015

A: Sex after kids can be a whole other ballgame. Couples with kids have gone through a lot of experiences together that may make them closer—everything from supporting a pregnant partner and learning how to change a diaper together, to watching their baby take those first few steps. Admit it, you always wanted to bang a […]

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215-22c-talia-syrie Food

Talia Syrie

A distinguishable flower in a prairie field

May, 2015

This last half century has seen the climb of chefs to revered celebrities. Everywhere we turn, television shows are exploiting culinary creativity, charities are utilizing chefs as incentives for the public to shell out brown and red bills, food critics are stating their names as more important details than the address of the restaurant; these […]

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Temporary Getaways

A roundup of some of the best urban escapes around the world

September, 2014

Every City Has Its Gay We often wonder if life is better elsewhere, or how living in Winnipeg compares to living in other cities. This column is an ongoing exposé looking into what makes Winnipeg, among other cities, great choices for a gay man to live his life. This month, we are motivated by the […]

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