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Club 200 warms up the birthday candles

May, 2012

CLUB 200 REINVENTS ITSELF The GLBT club, privately owned, is building up to its own 25th birthday next year and is thriving according to co-owner and manager Allen Morrisson, who says the business has shown good growth in the past two years.

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October 13 news briefs

What's up in GLBT news this week

August, 2015

Local  30 Years Of Cinematic Pride The Reel Pride Festival will be celebrating its 30th year in Winnipeg by continuing to show films that focus on content relevant to the queer community. The purely volunteer board is excited to share the films they have collected for this year’s festival, which takes place at the Gas […]

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215-20e-canada-rainbow-beaches Features

Canada’s Rainbow Beaches

GLBT-friendly beaches across the country

May, 2015

Ah summer! The time of year we can finally shed our winter clothing and lounge around outdoors. For some, this means a trip to the beach to sport the latest swimsuit, or perhaps their birthday suit. Whatever your choice, Outwords has taken a look at beaches across Canada that are GLBT-friendly and often clothing-optional as […]

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PIC_0021 Columns

Just Me and D


October, 2014

I shouldn’t complain, it’s not that I come from a terrible family. I’m very lucky actually, they have been, and continue to be, a tremendous help. I just wish that D would have more of a family, I suppose. I would like him to know what it means to have his birthday celebrated, to be at a Christmas or a Thanksgiving dinner that is more than just us two.

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213-24-why-we-wear-our-art-on-our-sleeves-1 Fashion

Why We Wear Our Art on Our Sleeves

October, 2014

… Tattoos are a deeply personal and permanent form of expression. Why do we get them? Is the art or the artist more important? We snapped photos of body art from members of the GLBT* community and asked them what their tattoos meant to them. Here are the results. “An amazing tattoo is when someone […]

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218-22-lounging-in-lingerie-a1 Features

Lounging in Lingerie

Getting Gorgeous Just for You

March, 2016

Like every year, winter came. It was unavoidable, like a winter cold producing your typical snotty nose and pale skin. Not to mention, of course, the added pounds because our body desperately wants to hibernate like bears do, which I am totally all for. (I’d love to sleep all day and night!) I know from […]

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andreagibson On Stage

Spoken Truth

An interview with Andrea Gibson

May, 2015

The most current project I am working on is Stay Here With Me, which is an online website and community working to prevent suicide. My political heart was raised by Vox Feminista, a group of radical artists in Colorado.

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temporary surface art Fashion

Personal piercings for proud people

Why Winnipeggers stretch their skin

December, 2014

Why would people want to poke a hole in their body? The reasons are as varied as the individual. In Western culture, it has long been common for people to have pierced ears. Gay men used to pierce their right ear lobe as a sign of their homosexuality, but that practice has faded as so […]

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Just me and D

Birthday Parties...

October, 2014

Last night, D and I went to my cousin’s place to help them celebrate their little son’s birthday. This was the first family gathering that I have attempted to take D to in a long time—crowds are not a good thing for him. I know he needs to start working his way through these social […]

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212-18-tracy-young Entertainment

Celeb-Loved DJ Loves Winnipeg

Tracy Young will celebrate OutWords' 20th birthday

September, 2014

  DJ Tracy Young had the music under control at Madonna’s wedding. You may have heard her remixes of P!nk, Cher and Lady Gaga songs on the radio. She no longer bats an eye at being asked to take the DJ booth at huge celeb parties. Her name is well known with the A-list crowd […]

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