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Children’s books featuring GLBTQ* characters becoming more common

October, 2013

FINDING THE GLBTQ* CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS Thanks in part to legal challenges, same-sex relationships are no longer treated as taboo in children’s books. But there are still many hurdles on the road to publication.

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FemFest 2016 Presents Poetry Reading by Antonette Rea

08 September, 2016

Antonette Rea is in town for FemFest 2016 and will be doing a free public reading from her work! Join celebrated trans* woman street poet and activist, Antonette Rea as she reads from her collection of works.Rea uses her poetry to draw the scenes of a life lived on the streets of the downtown eastside […]

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218-09-the-single-blues-the-importance-of-self-love Features

The Single Blues

the importance of self-love

March, 2016

Being loved is important. But as important as it is to be loved by someone else, it’s important that we love ourselves. That can be hard. I’m with me all day, and you’re with you all day. We each intimately know all our own flaws. We might focus on them a little too much, even […]

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Inclusive Sex-Ed

for children and teens

October, 2015

When you look back on your childhood, can you remember when you first learned about sex? Maybe you learned through school, or perhaps that more mature friend of yours broke the news on the playground. If you received a comprehensive sex education through both your parents and your school, consider yourself lucky. But did those conversations […]

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Advice on keeping things steamy

Q: What are some ways to keep sex exciting after having kids?

August, 2015

A: Sex after kids can be a whole other ballgame. Couples with kids have gone through a lot of experiences together that may make them closer—everything from supporting a pregnant partner and learning how to change a diaper together, to watching their baby take those first few steps. Admit it, you always wanted to bang a […]

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Opinions & Features

Tablets will top netbooks in 2012

February, 2012

TECHNOLOGY - TABLETS TAKE OVER The top change in the tech world this year is going to be that tablets and netbooks are going to swap places in popularity and availability. Netbooks debuted in 2007, but they paved the way for the tablet boom that is now taking off. In our ultra-connected world, the young and tech-savvy are demanding an internet-connected device larger than their smartphones and smaller than their 15-inch laptops.

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Should sex work be regulated?

May, 2016

The sex trade is a matter of perspective. Some, usually based on religion, feel there’s no place for it in “decent” society. Any form of sexual intimacy must be confined to a heterosexual couple within the framework of a “proper” marriage. Others, like me, take a far more open view. When we look at the […]

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Between-the-sheets reading

Erotica reviews

October, 2015

Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories Review by Danelle Granger This book of lesbian erotica, edited by Sacchi Green, is a compilation of short stories about hot love affairs, sex bringing lovers closer together, first lesbian experiences and kinky fetishes. It was only a half satisfying read. The first half had shorter stories […]

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Grey matters

October, 2015

Like many novelists, I was slightly bitter when Fifty Shades of Grey took over the world. Here I was, a reasonably talented novel writer, who had poured countless hours of blood, sweat and tears into properly writing my books (each one took more than three years and several drafts to complete), only to have them sell a […]

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Bobo Academy provides clothes for the community

May, 2015

Finding clothes specifically for queer people can be pretty difficult. So, when I saw Lucy, of the famous lesbian YouTube couple Kaelyn and Lucy, wearing a “started from the closet now we’re queer” shirt, I needed to know where it came from. Turns out, it came from Bobo Academy, a clothing line made by a […]

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