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Where to go to increase your social circle

March, 2016

While my personal mission is to meet an older man for a long-term relationship, this article can really apply to anyone trying to meet their soulmate. If you’re like me, you’re interested in meeting and getting to know a number of people to bring into your inner circle of friends, each of whom may fill […]

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3 to See: Culture Days

Winnipeg's fifth fest celebrates contemporary art in the community

September, 2014

By the end of September, we will probably all need an escape from work or school as summer officially loses its cool. So prepare to lose yourself on a weekend are binge; Culture Days happens Sept. 26 to 28. In Manitoba, this will be the fifth anniversary of Culture Days – a budding festival that […]

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Cameron D. James’ erotic novel a hot winter read

November, 2013

BOOK REVIEW OF AUTUMN FIRE BY CAMERON D. JAMES Prairie summer 2013 was not the hot sunny bliss we dreamed about. Luckily, those who still need a bit of inner heat to survive the coming winter can turn towards this recently released erotic novel.

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Opinions & Features

How your business can benefit from Pride

May, 2012

THE BUSINESS OF PRIDE In 2010, Pride Toronto had an impact of $136 million and created 600 jobs. Pride Winnipeg has not yet studied its economic impact in our city. But we do know that last year more than 15,000 attended the Pride Festival at the Forks, and hundreds of those were from out of town. And any event that brings external dollars into the Winnipeg economy is a good thing.

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Moments of Reflection

Every city has its gay

December, 2014

Compiled by Eric Plamondon Winter months are rich in contemplation. Year-end reviews make us think of our past. Drinks in pubs with friends make us dream or our future. Moments staring into a fire (people still have fireplaces in their homes, right?) make us reflect on what we can do to shape our future, or […]

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Annual Camp Aurora in the Whiteshell builds self-esteem of queer youth

July, 2014

Imagine a space where queer youth could go to feel safe. Imagine GLBT* teens openly being themselves and spending time with others like them—perhaps for the first time. Manitoba youth get this opportunity every August with Camp Aurora. “Camp is the most amazing, loving, safe place I have ever been in my life,” reads a […]

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Camp Aurora a life-changing experience

July, 2012

CAMP AURORA - A life-changing Experience It’s billed as a queer-positive summer camping experience and is based on Edmonton’s Camp fYrefly, which has been running successfully for several years. In fact, the Edmonton camp was visited by local lesbian film maker Jennifer Davis and four Winnipeg friends. They were so impressed by how it gave GLBTT youth confidence that they came back to Winnipeg, set up a committee and began raising funds.

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