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ALL IN for month of zines

Martha Street Studio exhibit explores community and print

May, 2014

This weekend, Martha Street Studio opens it’s exhibit, ALL IN. This curated exhibition explores the relationship between community and print processes.

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215-12g-john-and-richard-kletke Features

Suiting Up for your Big Day

May, 2015

George & Kevin Baars-Wilhelm Q. How did you choose what to wear? Our wedding theme was a combination Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Alice in Wonderland. As such, we wanted our outfits to fit the theme. We found fabric locally that we liked (Victorian, almost tapestry fabric), but to have custom jackets made was […]

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To Love Them is to Voyage releases online magazine

October, 2014, a GLBT*-focused travel company, recently launched its first online magazine titled Voyage. The publication aims to inspire romance travels or destination weddings for gay couples. Currently there are 16 countries that recognize same-sex marriage and several sub-jurisdictions in places like Mexico and the United States. The spread of these legal realities means destination weddings […]

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The emergence of Canada's QUEER MEDIA

July, 2014

For GLBT* people and communities, being invisible over the past century in Canada has meant having no voice. It has meant having no media or self- representation. It meant not hearing stories about people who were like you and having limited ways to connect. “For the longest time, I couldn’t put a name to who […]

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The O-U-T in community

July, 2013

EDITORIAL: A SUMMER OF COMMUNITY CELEBRATIONS This issue of OutWords is all about community, which is very fitting as OutWords has seen the community come together to support LGBT* initiatives a fair amount in the past few months.

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September, 2013

XXX SHOWCASES QUEER ARTISTS Despite its name, XXX isn’t all about sex – and yet in some ways, it is. It’s a collection of 100 copies of a dozen zines created by queer artists, and compiled by Vancouver-based artist Ho Tam.

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Sexy Steve's Holiday Gay Sex Advice Columns

Sexy Steve’s Holiday Gay Sex Advice

December, 2014

Q: I recognize the importance of safe sex, but I am having trouble getting the condom to fit properly. Is there a specific brand or type of condom that tends to be more comfortable? A: Different people will find different condoms more comfortable depending on penis shape and size. If you’re averaging on the bigger […]

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Celeb-Loved DJ Loves Winnipeg

Tracy Young will celebrate OutWords' 20th birthday

September, 2014

  DJ Tracy Young had the music under control at Madonna’s wedding. You may have heard her remixes of P!nk, Cher and Lady Gaga songs on the radio. She no longer bats an eye at being asked to take the DJ booth at huge celeb parties. Her name is well known with the A-list crowd […]

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Opinions & Features

The lie of internet anonymity

October, 2013

GLBTQ* YOUTH NEED ADDITIONAL TOOLS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES ONLINE The Internet is a complicated place and as it constantly changes, it gets more complicated. A few years ago, a six-digit password was secure. Then you were encouraged to make longer passwords and give sites your cell-phone number as a backup. Today, two-step-authentication is standard.

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Global fashion

May, 2013

FILIPINO FASHION SHOWCASE IN CANADA Just when fashionistas everywhere thought it was safe to dust-bag their Louboutins, a new fashion week has everyone texting, and this time it’s a fashion week with a heartbeat.

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