Advertising Policies

OutWords Inc. has developed the following set of advertising policies to answer the most frequent questions we receive from advertisers, and to set out in advance some of the rights and responsibilities of both OutWords Inc. and our advertisers. If you have any questions not covered below, please feel free to speak with an OutWords Inc. staff member.

Booking of Advertising

Advertisements are considered booked and space will be reserved only when OutWords Inc. has received a completed and signed booking form. Advertising space booked verbally or without a booking form may be sold to an advertiser who has completed a booking form. This is to prevent informal bookings being cancelled with insufficient time to fill the space.

Booking forms confirm the size, layout, colourspace, design requirements and dates of advertising booked; they also provide administrative staff with up-to-date billing information, contact information and non-profit or charitable status of the advertisers.

Formatting of Artwork

OutWords Inc. provides detailed information on the design requirements for advertisements submitted by the advertiser. Please review these specifications and speak to staff if anything is unclear. Advertising that is submitted in the improper format, size, layout, resolution or colourspace will be subjected to additional fees.


OutWords Inc. accepts placement requests for the inside front cover, inside backcover and outside back cover only. These placements are available for a premium as indicated on our rate card. All other advertising is placed based on the flow of content and aesthetics of the layout.

Adult-themed advertising tends to be grouped toward the back of the book but not on the outside back cover, which is in response to feedback from readers who preferred that adult-themed advertising be placed in a consistent location. OutWords Inc. reserves the right to determine what constitutes adult-themed advertising. Please note that not all advertising toward the back of the book will have an adult theme.

Adult Content

OutWords Inc. accepts advertising with adult themes as long as the advertisement does not contain explicit images. Some exceptions will be made for advertising for the purpose of public education or awareness.

Cancellation of Bookings

An advertisement booking must be cancelled four weeks prior to the publication date of the issue in which it is intended to run. Cancellations must be received inwriting either by mail, fax or email. Payment for advertising cancelled less than four weeks prior to the publication date of an issue will be charged at full rate.

Make Goods

Advertisers whose advertisement is rendered illegible due to printing errors or formatting errors on the part of OutWords Inc. may be subject to a future advertisement at reduced cost. Advertisements submitted by the advertiser or advertising designed by OutWords Inc. that has an approval proof are only eligible for a make good in the case of a printing error.

Advertisers are responsible for any typographical errors in the copy they submit or approve on review of an advertising proof. Due to the nature of the printing of OutWords Inc., make goods will not be offered for minor fluctuations in registration, shifts in colour or offsetting of ink that falls within industry standards.

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