Bick Facey
18 May, 2016 / 0 Comments / Author:

The first woman I ever had sex with was my co-worker at a carpet-cleaning company. What better set-up for a lesbian encounter? Alas, like many workplace romances, it was short-lived and ended awkwardly. Why do so many folks end up romantically involved with co-workers, and are these relationships always doomed? Studies have revealed that up […]

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Living in such a multicultural society, we all know folks who have religious and spir- itual beliefs that are different from our own. Luckily, our generation is overall a lot more accepting of these differences than the ones before us. After all, what people do privately is their own business if it’s not hurting anyone, […]

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Beating the meat, waxing the giraffe, petting the kitty, paddling the pink canoe. It goes by many names. Although most people will admit to masturbating, it’s not something we talk about candidly very often. In popular media, masturbation is most often relegated to the realm of humour, so we don’t hear as much about the positive […]