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23 August, 2015 / 0 Comments / Author:

Afew months ago my family was sitting around the dinner table when my brother and sister- in-law announced that they will be having a baby. When they told us the news, we all had tears in our eyes and we shared hugs and asked stand- ard questions, such as what they will name the baby […]

02 May, 2015 / 0 Comments / Author:

George & Kevin Baars-Wilhelm Q. How did you choose what to wear? Our wedding theme was a combination Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Alice in Wonderland. As such, we wanted our outfits to fit the theme. We found fabric locally that we liked (Victorian, almost tapestry fabric), but to have custom jackets made was […]

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Lately I’ve been going over in my head what marriage means to me. With so many people getting married younger these days, I’ve found myself at 23 questioning why I’m not part of that group. So with a lot of thought, I want to share how as queer person I feel about marriage. The fact that […]

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One of my first memories of being in church is zoning out to daydream about girls. I was in Grade 2 and that one hour every Sunday was dedicated to me dreaming up these impossible situations where I would impress the girl I liked. One of the last memories I have of church growing up is not going. Suddenly, after years of […]

18 March, 2015 / 0 Comments / Author:

What would a relationship look like if time and space didn’t exist? That’s one of the questions University of Winnipeg students in the senior Honours Devised Theatre class are exploring this week in their original performance piece titled Now and Not Now, Here and Not Here.

03 December, 2014 / 0 Comments / Author:

Compiled by Danelle Cloutier December 3 HONOURING OUR CAREGIVERS This national aboriginal AIDS awareness week event is aimed at bringing awareness and healing to the community. Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week, Ka Ni Kanichihk is working in collaboration with the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) and Two Spirited People of Manitoba to host a traditional gathering […]

30 November, 2014 / 0 Comments / Author:
Seeing Ourselves in Sex

Sex is a hot topic. Anywhere you look there’s a magazine, TV show, movie or conversation about sex. We’re so surrounded by it, yet we usually don’t see ourselves in it. How often are you walking in a mall and see a book cover or movie poster with a steamy cover featuring two men, two […]

06 October, 2014 / 0 Comments / Author:

Winnipeg comedian Chantel Marostica’s show about growing up as a lesbian and dealing with a drug addiction and mood disorder was so successful in August that she’s doing it again on Oct. 15. Even though those aren’t funny subjects, her multimedia performance at The Park Theatre got a lot of laughs. “I wanted it to […]

06 October, 2014 / 0 Comments / Author:

At a time when GLBT* people in Canada have access to many of the same rights as their straight counterparts, it’s hard for some of us to ever imagine life without some equality. For many people, homophobia and pushing back against it was routine and it’s those people to whom we dedicate this issue. We’re […]

02 September, 2014 / 0 Comments / Author:

Twenty years ago, GLBT* people were barely recognized or protected by law. By 1990, “homosexuality” was decriminalized, “homosexuals” were removed from the inadmissible classes under the Immigration Act and Quebec’s Human Rights Code included sexual orientation—that’s about all of the laws that covered GLBT* people. Socially, things weren’t much better. It was during all this […]