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03 May, 2014 / 0 Comments / Author:

Only two months before 2014 Pride Winnipeg Festival, Pride Winnipeg hosted a conference for Pride delegates from across Canada. Attendees wined, dined and experienced a few of our city’s hottest attractions during their three-night stay. On the first night, guests were welcomed at the Manitoba Hydro Place with appetizers supplied by Rudy’s Eat and Drink […]

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Gender is extremely complex. It’s a mix between our physical attributes, inner sense of self and outer expression. It doesn’t always mirror the sex you were assigned at birth, nor does it always fall within the male or female binary. Gender is a spectrum with an array of shades. Along with male or female, one might identify as both or neither. And the proper term for an individual’s identity is subjective to that person.

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Manitoba has proven itself one of the most progressive places in the world when it comes to GLBTQ* rights. We have a bill that protects students from bullying, emphasizing the freedom to have Gay-Straight Alliance groups in all schools, including public faith-based institutions. Only a handful of provinces have laws like this in place, and ours is arguably the strongest. This follows nearly ten years after Manitoba was one of the first to legalize same-sex marriage in our country. But although it’s 2014 and our home is at the forefront of equality, there will always be people who treat you differently for being out in our world.

04 December, 2013 / 0 Comments / Author:

While people across the world were busy calling for an unlikely boycott of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, a Winnipegger developed a more fitting solution. In late July, Dayne Moyer created a petition that asks the Canadian, U.S., British and Paralympic teams to take a stand against discrimination by wearing rainbow pins to the opening ceremonies of the Games. By press time, the petition had nearly 40,000 supporters – but with the signature count plateauing and Sochi Winter Games approaching, Moyer’s looking for a second wind.

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“My mother was an artist. She taught me everything she knew, ” says Vivian Muska from her cozy home. “Then I went to fine arts school.” She points to her walls, covered in paintings. Some are black and white, others bright and colourful – polar opposites. I can’t help but inquire about the obvious contrast. Muska explains that these are two ongoing projects from her fine arts program at the University of Manitoba, from which she recently graduated.

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Jenna Talackova is leaving her hometown of Vancouver behind in a new E! reality TV series. The show, cleverly titled Brave New Girls, documents her move to Toronto where she pursues her dreams of becoming a household name and ending the taboo on transgender people.

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The address of 441 Main Street is a place of nostalgia for members of the LGBT* community. The architecturally astonishing Imperial Bank of Canada building was home to Club Desire for about five years. The gay bar was so popular that it became a hotspot for straight club-goers, who eventually took over the scene before it closed in 2009. After a couple of short-lived nightclubs came and went, Opera Ultralounge opened in late 2011.

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Have you ever wanted to hop aboard a cruise ship and sail to multiple destinations? How about doing this with a bunch of your favourite of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” stars? Fame Nightclub is giving you this opportunity and all you have to do is show up on Fridays and get lucky (but not like that.)

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Manitoba’s second largest city is spreading Pride through our prairie province this summer for the fourth year. Brandon Pride officially formed in 2009 and has been gradually growing since.

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Gio’s Club and Bar on Smith Street experienced a list of lasts as it made its way to the closing night on Feb. 16, including their last Pride launch, last women’s night, last karaoke, last Genderfest party, and other classic events for the LGBT* community.