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It was while working on a film that Kevin Lee Burton finally began to see Kevin Lee Burton. “I was able to adapt, as a youth, to any situation,” said the Cree multimedia artist and filmmaker. He left his childhood home at God’s Lake Narrows in northern Manitoba at 15. To become an effective social […]

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Chantel Marostica, a headliner in our growing local comedy scene, discovered that being gay is the “most hilarious part” of her. The Winnipeg comic, who’s “very evidently a lesbian,” has made her identity front-and-centre in her act, but is sure to make one thing clear.

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So laid back is chef Mandel Hitzer, you wouldn’t think his restaurant has seen line-ups out the door. Or, that his staff has had to turn customers away. Yet Deer + Almond, occupying the former location of Princess Grill at 85 Princess Street, and named by WHERE Winnipeg magazine as one of Canada’s Top 10 New Restaurants in 2012, has been such a hit since opening in April of that year, that it meant a personal milestone for Hitzer: he was able to call his parents and say they needn’t worry about him anymore.

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OFF MENU – Cooking up a storm
It’s the end of a long, busy night for celebrated chef Scott Bagshaw, who is sweeping his kitchen at Deseo before he can go home.“It’s been pretty crazy tonight,” he says with a grin. “One slow night would be a nice change.”

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If there’s any way chef Darryl Crumb would prefer to cook, it’d be how he’s doing it at his present gig. “I love simple food that looks good,” says Anola, Manitoba, native Crumb – who despite French training and a Ukrainian-Russian background is now cooking an Italian menu as chef at Brooklynn’s Bistro in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District.

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It’s a curious quirk that the fan base of the first openly gay artist to play the Grand Ole Opry consists of middle-aged and elderly men. ‘That’s mah people,” says thickly accented Louisiana native Mary Gauthier. She may have won a Gay and Lesbian American Music Award for Best Country Artist – after her 1999 album Drag Queens in Limousines – but “I don’t really have a gay fanbase,” she says. Nor does she really write songs about sexual identity.

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Spanish cuisine, says chef Adam Donnelly, was something he felt Winnipeg could be educated about. “Our menu is designed to teach people about…

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OFF MENU – A feast for the eyes and the belly

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OFF MENU | Great food is worth the drive

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Taming Winnipeg’s culinary landscape