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Vivian Muska has been practising Reiki for about 17 years and has been a certified Reiki master for 13. She started as a way to focus her spirituality and has continued doing it because of the huge impact it can have on people’s lives. Reiki is a Japanese practice that reduces stress, increases relaxation and […]

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Winnipeg poet Mona Moussa, an out and proud queer woman of colour, laughs at the irony of getting in the closet for OutWords. “I have way too much clothing and I’m always like, ‘I don’t know what to wear,’” says Moussa. She managed to pull together a few outfits to show off. Moussa is frequently touring, […]

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There was a time when women and people who are queer were barred from the workforce. Today, it’s a much different story. Rosanna Pfeil has been a rural and suburban mail carrier for Canada Post since 2010. “Whether I’m at work, with my family or with my friends, I am a proud lesbian, and I really […]

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Being loved is important. But as important as it is to be loved by someone else, it’s important that we love ourselves. That can be hard. I’m with me all day, and you’re with you all day. We each intimately know all our own flaws. We might focus on them a little too much, even […]

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It’s freezing. Everyone is tightening their purse strings after the pricey holiday season. The city is quiet and slow. It’s not really a time for celebrating, but… let’s celebrate love! At OutWords, our love is pretty diverse. We know your love is diverse as well, so we kept that in mind when finalizing the line-up. […]

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My Identity Winnipeg, a blog by Riley Chervinski, takes a look at the stories of young trans men in Winnipeg. “I didn’t really know what I wanted to get out of it,” said Chervinski about starting the project. Initially, she was looking for traditional transition stories, but during her first interview, she realized there were […]

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You have an STI. So, now what? Medically dealing with it might not be the toughest part. The hardest part could be telling potential partners. There are a lot of misconceptions about many STIs. While the word “HPV” sounds terrifying to some, an estimated 75 per cent of sexually active people will have the STI […]

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Walking into Lynne Robidoux Burndorfer and Linda Burndorfer’s home, it’s hard not to be jealous. With high ceilings, gorgeous deco and a huge backyard, it’s a dream home created by a couple with a dream relationship. “I make every room my room, honey,” says Lynne. Then she laughs. You want to believe her, but it’s […]

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As you may know, OutWords has been undergoing some major changes. The newest is that it has a new editor. I was excited to take on the challenge of editing Winnipeg’s GLBT magazine, but quickly disheartened by how hurt some members of the community have been by the publication. When a writer went to cover […]

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Ryan Miller and Adam Wickstrom moved into their beautiful, open-concept home just over a year ago after building it with Hearth Homes. The couple works for the residential design-build firm, which is owned by Wickstrom’s family, so they put a lot of their own time into building their dream home. They got to make many of […]