219-5-OutWords-shifts-focus-to-digital-media Editorial

OutWords shifts focus to digital media

May, 2016

All good things must come to an end. And so it is with OutWords magazine. This is our final print issue. After 27 years as Manitoba’s only GLBT publication, we at OutWords will shift our focus to digital media. It’s with deep sadness that we’re drawing the curtain on this phase in the history of […]

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217-07-editorial-meg-crane Editorial

OutWords has a new Editor

October, 2015

As you may know, OutWords has been undergoing some major changes. The newest is that it has a new editor. I was excited to take on the challenge of editing Winnipeg’s GLBT magazine, but quickly disheartened by how hurt some members of the community have been by the publication. When a writer went to cover […]

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215-4-religious-reconciliation Editorial

Religion Reconciliation

How Manitoba’s affirming churches are a sign of much needed-change

May, 2015

One of my first memories of being in church is zoning out to daydream about girls. I was in Grade 2 and that one hour every Sunday was dedicated to me dreaming up these impossible situations where I would impress the girl I liked. One of the last memories I have of church growing up is not going. Suddenly, after years of […]

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213-4-a-tribute-to-those-who-paved-the-way Editorial

A Tribute to Those Who Paved the Way

October, 2014

At a time when GLBT* people in Canada have access to many of the same rights as their straight counterparts, it’s hard for some of us to ever imagine life without some equality. For many people, homophobia and pushing back against it was routine and it’s those people to whom we dedicate this issue. We’re […]

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211-4-outwords-is-hiring Editorial

Get involved with OutWords!

What’s new at OutWords and how you can give us your feedback

July, 2014

We want you to be involved with OutWords more than you have ever been before. As the new senior editors, we’re making this a priority. As online editor and community outreach co-ordinator, you’re going to see Meg Crane holding events, asking for feedback and increasing the digital presence of OutWords. With the launch of our […]

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March, 2016

It’s freezing. Everyone is tightening their purse strings after the pricey holiday season. The city is quiet and slow. It’s not really a time for celebrating, but… let’s celebrate love! At OutWords, our love is pretty diverse. We know your love is diverse as well, so we kept that in mind when finalizing the line-up. […]

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216-4-beyond-giving-birth Editorial

Beyond giving birth

August, 2015

Afew months ago my family was sitting around the dinner table when my brother and sister- in-law announced that they will be having a baby. When they told us the news, we all had tears in our eyes and we shared hugs and asked stand- ard questions, such as what they will name the baby […]

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Seeing Ourselves in Sex Editorial

Seeing Ourselves in Sex

December, 2014

Sex is a hot topic. Anywhere you look there’s a magazine, TV show, movie or conversation about sex. We’re so surrounded by it, yet we usually don’t see ourselves in it. How often are you walking in a mall and see a book cover or movie poster with a steamy cover featuring two men, two […]

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212-4-bringing-the-community-together Editorial

Bringing the Community Together for 20 Years

September, 2014

Twenty years ago, GLBT* people were barely recognized or protected by law. By 1990, “homosexuality” was decriminalized, “homosexuals” were removed from the inadmissible classes under the Immigration Act and Quebec’s Human Rights Code included sexual orientation—that’s about all of the laws that covered GLBT* people. Socially, things weren’t much better. It was during all this […]

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A Question of Pride

Making sense of our hopes and dreams

May, 2014

Proud to dream

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