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Talia Syrie

A distinguishable flower in a prairie field

May, 2015

This last half century has seen the climb of chefs to revered celebrities. Everywhere we turn, television shows are exploiting culinary creativity, charities are utilizing chefs as incentives for the public to shell out brown and red bills, food critics are stating their names as more important details than the address of the restaurant; these […]

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210-may_june-29-la-cuisine-de-gaie-Clement_Vandenhove Food

La cuisine de gaie France

A French boy brings the world's most legendary cuisine to Manitoba

May, 2014

Three-year-olds in North American day cares play with squishy toys and eat yogurt. Yet as a three-year-old in a French kindergarten, Clément Vandenhove learned to bake a yogurt cake. “We had a small yogurt container, and we used it to measure everything,” he said. This became his go-to cake recipe, one that he still makes […]

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Unpretentious and raw

December, 2013

FOOD So laid back is chef Mandel Hitzer, you wouldn’t think his restaurant has seen line-ups out the door. Or, that his staff has had to turn customers away. Yet Deer + Almond, occupying the former location of Princess Grill at 85 Princess Street, and named by WHERE Winnipeg magazine as one of Canada’s Top 10 New Restaurants in 2012, has been such a hit since opening in April of that year, that it meant a personal milestone for Hitzer: he was able to call his parents and say they needn’t worry about him anymore.

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Whisky’s fun side


July, 2014

Whisky has built up a strong reputation. When I think of whisky, I think of my grandpa having his daily 5:00 p.m. “libation”—Crown Royal on the rocks, sitting in his La-Z Boy watching sports before being called for dinner. Recently, it’s been catching on in popularity with bars dedicated solely to the drink. Winnipeg’s own […]

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210-may_june-26-plough-ahead-thumb Food

Plough Ahead

Openly gay gastropub owner embraced by Gimli community

May, 2014

Gay-owned Gimli business is proud and going strong

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