OutWords sponsorships – editorial

For those who wish to support OutWords but not through an advertisement, an editorial sponsorship program is offered.

Because OutWords is primarily a free distribution magazine it cannot afford appropriate industry level compensation for writers. As a means of increasing writers fees, sponsorships will become invaluable in maintaining the editorial quality of magazine. The magazine prides itself in original stories by Western Canadian writers.

The following are suggested areas for annual support.


  • Successful people
  • Aboriginal
  • Health and fitness
  • GLBT Sport
  • Cooking and easy living
  • Canada news
  • Saskatchewan rural
  • World news
  • Regina/Saskatoon
  • Calgary/Edmonton
  • Youth
  • Travel

Periodically, the magazine also produces provincial resource directories for the public who need referral consulting support on GLBT issues or who desire access to many social, religious, arts or sports associations within the GLBT community. Resource directory pages will be sponsored at $1,000 per page each issue (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta) or $5,000 for five issues alternating between two sponsors.


OutWords sponsorships – distribution

OutWords is as an organization with a human service mission and purpose.
Within the gay and lesbian community we need our own voice to understand who we are. In addition, to understood outside our community. OutWords is a venue to promote inclusiveness, equal opportunity, understanding and bridge building.

It is important for OutWords to continue as a free distribution magazine to further its human service mission. Conversely, to assist in distribution costs the magazine accepts subscription sponsorships for those who wish to support the magazine and the GLBT community

Would you like an institution to have free OutWords copies?
Many organizations now enjoy receiving free distribution. You may choose a group that you would like to support. You may also leave the decision to OutWords and we’ll allocate your contribution where needed.

Sponsor – 5 copies
$75 – 10 issues
$50 – shipping
$125 – Sponsor Fee
Sponsor – 10 copies
$150 – 10 issues
$100 – shipping
$250 – Sponsor Fee
Sponsor – 20 copies
$300 – 10 issues
$200 – shipping
$500 – Sponsor Fee
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